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Temple Clark is a London based storyboard and concept artist. He has worked on over 100 feature films and television productions, collaborating closely with directors, production designers, DoPs, action units plus VFX and Previs departments. The storyboards range from quick thumbnails to tie down the ideas with the director, to finished shooting boards, or can extend on to highly finished illustrations for pitches or presentations.


He has also worked on many television commercials, collaborating with production companies such as RSA, Rogue, Partizan, Rattling Stick and Academy.


Clark has given talks and workshops on the subject at Bafta, the London Film Festival, Skillset, Festival Film Lab and several Film and Art schools. He is based in his Brixton studio but works on location or at the film studios when required, or often conducts meetings on Skype and email.


His personal work can be viewed here:



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